– an ongoing choreographic work with dance, sound and conversations

The work explores and converses around experiences of belonging with things. We let these connections be the focus so that we can remember and relive the interlacing as well as find new directions.

What do you feel intertwined with as you read this?

The work sees matter, for example, you, me, the bacteria, the wheat bun, the glacier, the spider, the computer, the linden as intelligent, alive, tangible and connected. Humans are woven into life, not the starting point. The work examines interconnections inside and outside the skin to deeply know and feel how the self both affect and is affected by the environment.

When do you feel that there are links between you and what is around you? Can an experienced relationship make a difference?

In Mykorrhiza you can listen to interviews that broadly revolve around these issues. Rest & listen to a spoken audio journey. Talk about experienced interweaving. Observe a series of dancing practices circling around these interests.

Contemplation of interconnections appears valuable at a time when the earth’s ecosystems are crackling, tipping. Can experiences of interconnections make a difference in how we choose to take care of life on earth?

The complex between the hyphae / mycelia (fungal filaments) and the roots of a plant when they live in symbiosis with each other is called Mykorrhiza. By fine underground fungal threads penetrating the roots, the fungus helps the plant absorb water and nutrients, while at the same time obtaining organic compounds from the plant.

The work has no entrance fee and the visitor can come and go during the exhibitions opening hours.

Premiere + showing
The Art gallery in Bohusläns Museum
Date: 18 & 19 January 2020
Opening hours: 13.00 – 15.30 both dates

Process sharing
Date: 11 Januari 2020
Opening hours: 12.30 – 15.00
Address: Mölnlycke Kulturhus, Biblioteksgatan 2, Mölnlycke
Tel: 031-724 64 00

With support from The Artists Grants Found, Gothenburg City, Culture Härryda, Danscentrum Väst, Region Norrbotten. In collaboration with Bohusläns Museum, Uddevalla municipality, Bjällansås Studio, Medborgarskolan Gothenburg, Studiefrämjandet Norra Älvsborg, NBV.

Choreography: Ina Dokmo
Performers/dancers: Majula Drammeh, Alice MacKenzie, Alexandra Wingate, Ina Dokmo, Jonny Berg
Process dancer: Tuva Hildebrandt
Photo/Graphic design: David Relan i samarbete med Ina Dokmo
Sound: Helena Persson, Ejnar Askberger, Ina Dokmo
Interview participants: Karin Askberger, Miki Dedijer, Carmen Flamander, Anders Johansson, Anders Jernelius, Siriol Joyner, Ines López Carrasco, Alice MacKenzie, Johan Nilsson, Sabina Olsson, Ebba Petrén, Patricia Vane.
Production: Alexandra Wingate, Ina Dokmo