Ina Dokmo is a performer, dancer, choreographer, shiatsu therapist and teacher from Gotland (and island in the Baltic sea). Today she is based in Gothenburg and on Bjällansås on the west coast of Sweden. She holds an MA in choreography with specialisation in performative practices from Stockholm University of the Arts (2017) and a BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London (2007).

Ina shares and dives into practices often exploring a non-objectification of materia. Through that she is interested in already outlined mapping systems of the body. Being inspired by those mappings but also altering them whilst dancing or treating she is interested in favouring perceptions of a living, performative, material body over an outlined map but also interested in what new directions a map can offer.

Passionate about the interconnectedness of life, her work often explores the human’s relation with other things (human or non-human). Her work often comes back to on one side an extreme serenity of non-objectification of materia and on another side a funniness to it. In her choreographing she blends in performative research on sect-like, manipulative, commercial practices questioning the way somatic practices, dance techniques, yoga styles and forms of healing often are being shared and spread.

In 2012 Ina started building a dance studio in an old barn, thinking of the building of it as a form of choreography. Ina learnt to build as she went with help from dancer and osteopath Roselle Gillam and guidance from architect and builder Torsten Imottesjo. Since then she has invited and created possibilities for choreographers and dancers to come for residencies on the farm in Bjällansås Studio.

Giving treatments as a shiatsu therapist weaves into and affects her artistic practices and the treatments are also affected by her artistic research. She is a certified shiatsu therapist. Read more on treatments and sessions here.