en levande utställning

Training and working as a dancer and also doing a lot of yoga, qi gong and somatic techniques led me into questioning sets of ”truths” I had been investing time and energy in through various sets of approaches to movement and being.

Ways of dancing, ways of using myself, my body, ways of being, ways of thinking, ways of navigating, ways of thinking of myself, specific excersises, ways of being in a group, ways of being in a world.

Perspecitves of which many had been deeply carved on the surfaces and depths of me.

What happens with a dancer, a mover, a being when an excersise is patented, when that precise excersise so deeply has penetrated hir body?

I got stuck into a vibe that I could only do totally new things (but it is not possible to do something new and not possible to eliminate a history either) or do proper certification courses, train with a specific Guru. But I wanted to widen my knowledge about bodies and movement through doing many different things.

The piece therefor fiercly and explosively calls for the permission back. Back to use whatever experiential knowledge I was made up of and share it with dancers and visitors in the way it happened.

More about en levande utställning
What is truth? Who is in control of knowledge and truth? Who has power over when it can be changed?

The visitor enters a space where different sets of truths are being dived into. The visitor also encounter truths via a possible conversation over skype, a talking game with the performers, and pre-selected Mp3 lectures that are in circulation.

en levande utställning, also called Koreografigalleri 1, premiered in Kulturlager Backaplan, a warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden, August 2013. It has subsequently been performed as part of Port14 Norrtäljes nya Kultur Festival, Sweden.

Choreography/Curation: Ina Dokmo
in collaboration with the dancers

Irina Baldini
Alice MacKenzie
Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome
Megan saunders
Helena Webb

Rebecka Ohlsson
Minna Wendin
Lena Kimming