Hovering Things

Have you ever felt a relation between your big toe and the mid line of your brain? Connections between your lips and the nearest wall? A hovering felt extension of a specific grapefruits´ journey from the tree to your hand? Or relations between you and other dimensions?

Hovering Things explores experiential connections to things outside and inside your skin as well as how these flows intensely can change your world view. We make choreography of these changing re-shaping connections that are mapped out in the room through soft, manipulative, questioning, repeating, neerdy and imaginative movements and words.

Hovering Things was created as a presentation of Inas artistic practice, made withing the choreography master New Performative Practices at DOCH/Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola.

Co-creating dancers: Lena Kimming, Alice MacKenzie
On stage: Ina Dokmo, Lena Kimming, Alice MacKenzie
Practice/choreography/idea: Ina Dokmo
Photos: David Relan

Thank you: Ejnar Askberger, Iris, Alexandra Wingate, Chrysa Parkinsson, Roselle Gillam, Rebecca Hilton, Kerstin Schroth, klasskamrater, lärare, Stina Nyberg, Bjällansås Gård & Studio.