Neither here nor there – call me

The research in Neither here nor there – Call me involved many divergent focuses and areas that spun from an experiential research diving into both osteopathic understanings of a body and chinese meridian systems through dancing.
Roselle Gillam (Dancer and Osteopath) and investigated different meridian mappings and let them be changed or moved through the dancing. They also investigated different anatomical organs, structures, tissues that could accompany the meridian mappings. These researches took them into multiple directions of further previously unknown interests bringing in performative elements and choreographic scores. In Neither here nor there – Call me, they worked against reducing the piece to a sense-making theme and instead let the piece be sprawling, relating to multitudes of things, known and unknown for both visitor and performer.

The curation Koreografigalleri 2, which Neither here nor there – call me was part of, worked with a format where visitors could be coming and going, barbequing, watching, resting or eating, during a duration of three hours.
It was shared on a farm on the west coast of Sweden where the studio Bjällansås Studio is situated.

Koreografigalleri 2 also involved one-on-one performances and a finishing performance by the dance artist Ines Lopez Carrasco.

Made by and with Ina Dokmo and Roselle Gillam
Research material and direction: Roselle Gillam, Ina Dokmo
Dancing/performing: Roselle Gillam, Ina Dokmo
Curation/choreography: Ina Dokmo