Which Part

WHICH PART is a choreographed exhibition with emphazis on dancing and conversing. It changes with and by every visitor.

What is matter and what is consciousness, can one even ask that without becoming stuck in millions of problems that only confirms the initial problem? Can a person dance from certain parts of their body as a driving force? Does my liver has something to say, or is it just stupid materia that has to be fixed if something happens to it?

The work reflects on if it matters from where (in themselves, their flesh) a human being perceive worlds and if it is possible to change perspective by changing materiality, location.

In the process we observe painted anatomical structures of disected human models from 16th century, and use the images when we dance. But who were these, as it sometimes is put, excecuted criminal human beings that acted (act) as a base for anatomical knowledge? In what way do we, as observers, take part in creating their history?

The process also takes off with an interest for the creations of the chinese meridian system that begun more than 3000 years ago. Did it make a difference to the practice that Wang Weiyi (about year 1000 AD) created 3-dimensional bronz statues that mapped the acupuncture points and that often after was used as a ground for many 2-dimensional drawings? The simplicity in observing something static can be satisfying. Were the points before that more changeable from person to person? Were they found through conversations about experiences?

First version shown at Fabbrica Europa, Florence 2012 and a re-worked version shown at MAN (Museum Anna Nordlander), Skellefteå 2016. The residency and the show in Skellefteå was carried out within a development project called <Danscenter i Skellefteå> with support from Statens Kulturråd, Sverige och Region Västerbotten. Supported by Bjällansås Studio and Konstnärsnämden.

The work has been done in two different ways. The first showing of the piece was performed in Fabbrica Europa in Florence 2012 performed and created by Ina Dokmo. The most recent was performed 2016 in Skellefteå at Museum Anna Nordlander and was performed by Ina Dokmo, Ingvild Isaksen, Alice MacKenzie, Clare Daly and Marianne Skjeldal.

About the first version of Which Part (2012):
The performance dealt with the mind-body problem seen from different perspectives.
In the room —– A philosopher over Skype, discussing and lecturing about the mind/body problem, a performer going through a score, an Mp3-player with headphones, a scrolling text, a tape-recorder, visitors.